Monday, June 30, 2008

Teacher Gift

Today is Lyndsi's last day of school. Yay!!! We've been trying to decide for some time to come up with an inexpensive but lovable gift to give to her teacher. Here is what we decided on:
What can I say? I'm addicted to these adorable Black Apple dolls! This is Granny. She comes with a jar of brownie mix. Mrs. McDougall is always telling the kids that she is an old granny, so I thought it'd be fun to give her something to do on the break with her grandkids. While they're all playing "baby" dolls, she can play with her "granny" doll and then they can all bake together. Ok. Maybe it's a little corny, but I like it.


Cami said...

I think that's the cutest one ever!
The fabric is adorable and i love the grey hair.

Chad and Kristen said...

not corny at all!! that is the cutest teacher gift ever!!!

Melissa Ash said...

So, so cute! Being on the receiving end of Teacher Gifts, those that are handmade like this are the most favorite!! So thoughtful!

Jamie said...

Nice job on the 5Ks and for the teacher gift! It's very cute! You look so healthy in the 5K picture!