Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Pair of Drowned Rats

Or mommies. The 5k training continues. Apparently in rain or shine. It dumped buckets of rain on Jen and I as we ran 3 miles today. I was soaked about half way through. Jen made it a little longer thanks to some sheltering from a jogging stroller she was pushing. It was a great run though and I think I'm actually getting better. We did 3 miles in 31:18. Not a world record, but definitely a personal one.

Yesterday I was painting bunkbeds (another post) and was determined to get them set up by nightfall. I was trying to push lunch time back as far as possible so I could get just a little more done. By the time Jeff got home for lunch (about 1) this is what we found. They had made themselves lunch and set up a whole picnic outside. They really did a good job and didn't make a big mess.

Last but not least-flip flops. Sophie wore her first pair the other day and did a pretty good job keeping them on. Too bad it's raining and cold today. She looks pretty cute if I do say so myself!


rubberbandgirl said...

You ran in the rain. Oh wow.
Now I'm reeeeeely impressed with the both of you.
Sophie is adorable. Did you put her in the bed yet? How do you think she'll do?

Chad and Kristen said...

I can't wait to see the pics of the bunkbed!! I am really impressed, your kids got themselves lunch and knew to take it outside, so as not to make a got me thinking, if I could teach my kids to do that, I could get sooooo much more work done!! I'm a little tempted :)

And thanks for the Aloe tip, that is on our necessity shopping list before we head down to St. George in 2 weeks!!

jamerlou said...

Maxine had a pair of flip flops just like Sophies. Did you get them from Target?