Friday, June 27, 2008

Life in the fast lane

Wow. Since I took up running life seems to have also picked up speed. I think it's more that I'm becoming more balanced now than taking on more things.

Last week I ran my first 5k (well-first one running anyway). Our city had their annual Country Fest and that included the run. I signed up 2 days before and the night before I started questioning my sanity. The morning of I was happy to see my running partner there and we were able to finish in our goal time of 30 minutes and some seconds. I finished 8th in my age and about 41st overall. Tomorrow is the one I've been training for and it's a harder course. I have been working hard this week doing distance with the hope that will make it easier. We'll find out in the morning if it worked!
There will be more kid-family related posts to come. I promise.


JM Phocion said...

Go Ang! You are awesome. Keep up the great effort.

Cami said...

This IS your blog. Give us 'adult' post all you want, ESPECIALLY when you've done something awesome like this!