Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My life's Season

**Warning**If you are attending Enrichment tonight in the 6th ward-spoilers ahead.

Tonight's theme for our ward's Enrichment night is "The Seasons of Our Lives." I'll give you an unnecessary guess who got asked to talk on her "season." Yep. Me. I'm supposed to share the challenges and joys of where I'm at in life. Actually, that sounds kind of fun. So, lucky you, you get to read the notes that may or may not get shared tonight.

1. Babysitting-I always seem to need it!
2. Hormones-will they ever stabilize? (I’m trying to get pregnant, I’m pregnant, I just had a baby. Sheesh!)
3. Crave adult friendship/attention from more than just the eternal bread winner
4. Overwhelming. No clue how to teach kindergarten at home or organize the house during a pink tornado or take care of myself and needs (hey hon-who’s that cute girl standing next to you at the temple)
5. Always distracted. Now where was I?

1. Compliments nonstop (who cares the giver has on a striped shirt, camo pants, 2 pairs of underwear and his shoes are on the wrong feet? Hey! He noticed I got my hair and/or makeup done and got dressed!)
2. Lots of gifts-rocks, weeds, bugs, post-it notes w/ scribbles-all given in love.
3. Daily reminders for scheduling FHE, Easter, Halloween and Christmas (not to mention the next trip Disneyland so they can ride their favorite rides-Splash Mountain and the Matterhorn .i.e.-all the rides they were terrified of the first go-round.)

4. Humor. Where else can you find 3 live-in comedians? (Case in point- read any entry that involves McKay)

5. “Expert Advice”- I was the first one on both sides to have a baby and therefore am now an authority on child rearing and psychology-at least to the four of them (only 1 child currently resides on this planet between the four of them-at least for a few more weeks)
6 Life lessons-Constantly being taught by my 3 monkeys.
7 Cameras-no one complains about their picture being taken-quite they opposite-they all come running to see who can pull the silliest faces.
8 Having a husband who recognizes my need to be away from the kids and knows I can handle it to go on a little weekend getaway-even if he has to spend a day working there.
9 Hey-50 is the new 30 so I have another 20+ years of enjoying my birthdays!


Jamie said...

Ug, babysitting. Won't it be nice once we get a kid old enough to watch the other kids! I can't wait. Are you seriously going to teach Kindergarten at home??

Angie said...

No! It just feels that way with all the "practicing" you have to do at home. Seriously, I don't remember my mom helping me as much with school as I've already done with Lyndsi. (and she's not a slow learner!)

Chad and Kristen said...

Angie, I heard you mention in your talk today at our Enrichment activity that you had a blog, so I thought I would check it out...voila! You did a great job, it's nice to hear that you are not the only one going through the "joys" and "complaints" of your day to day life....thank you so much for sharing the way you have a way cute blog!!

Emily Youngdell said...

That was cute Ange. I feel the same way as you in many ways.

Emily Youngdell said...

Hey I forgot to mention that Haley is out of school for Spring Break starting next Thursday. I think we need to get together and make something extremely sugary, fattening, and all around bad for us. What do ya say? Let me know what works for you and I'll see if Ranae wants to come too.

Cami said...

I'm glad you posted your notes. I totally enjoyed your talk yesterday. I truly think you covered this season perfectly.

Ranae and Matt said...

I hope your talk went well.It would have been good to listen to.We need to have a play date.