Monday, March 3, 2008

In Full Swing

It's that time of year again. I believe as of tonight I am an official tax widow. I guess that's not too bad considering it's already March. We have a lot of home improvement projects planned, but if I can't do them, some of them will have to go on hold for a couple of months. Say, how hard is it to replace the bathroom faucet??

I did start painting the house tonight. We decided it would be the easiest way to clean up McKay's "art." A whole pencil box of crayons was dumped in the trash and the only other crayons are way up out of reach (hopefully). All writing instruments are now used under careful supervision.

Tax season isn't so hard now that we live in the land of the north. It's still cold outside here versus St. George where I was ready to go dig in the dirt by now. It gives me a few more weeks to work on my projects without Jeff getting in the way. (Like some of the home improvement ones) I'm hoping to tackle the kitchen and get it organized. My 1970's split is suffering from severe lack of storage space, so I'm thinking it's about time to organize, purge, and whatever else you do. :)

Aren't random thoughts great? I think they're my favorite posts to read. I"m just sorry they don't flow better, but I'm tired and am not willing to wake up enough to try. :) Until I have something better to post, here is my cute Sophie and her "make mine a double" day. She came into my room and showed me this and laughed and laughed about it. And I thought we were closer to getting rid of that thing.


Emily Youngdell said...

Good luck with all of your home improvements, I know how you feel, believe me!
I love the binkie picture. She is so adorable!!!

Jamie said...
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JM Phocion said...

The more I travel the more the house changes. There is a definite upward trend here.

Jamie said...

Good luck with the painting. I planted peas and carrots yesterday. I had hoped to get the peas in sooner but I needed to acidify my soil first. I'm hoping it will make a big difference this year. BTW, Maxine gets her from both Merril and me. We both used to draw as children.

marlene said...

Before you start organizing get Julie Morgenstern's book "Organizing from the Inside Out" (if you haven't already read it). It is the best and her ways are so practical. I love it! It comes in paperback and is worth buying - not just getting at the library. Good luck, and take before and after pictures. It is so fun to see the difference.

Cami said...

That's such a cute photo of Sophie.
McKay mentioned that his crayons had all been thrown in the garbage. He seemed rather wistful about it.
I've decided that changing the house while the husband is away is like getting a new haircut. You'd do it anyway but you're sure hoping he'll notice. With Cam gone for a few days I have all these little things I want to do.

Eric and Hannah said...

Good luck with the home improvement! I wish I had a house to paint! Good luck with the binkies. It doesn't look like you will be getting rid of it anytime soon!! :)