Monday, March 31, 2008

General Conference

A few weeks ago my mother-in-law handed me a packet of pages and said these are for general conference. Later, when I had the chance to look at it more closely it was filled with ideas on keeping kids entertained and helping them get at least a little bit out of it. So, these are not my original ideas but with conference coming so quickly, I thought I'd share.

Getting ready for Conf:

-Show pictures of people who might talk and practice saying their names
-Teach the kids a little background of the apostles/1st presidency (We did this tonight and with little kids it would be better to break it up into 2 lessons)
-Teach the kids about King Benjamin.
-Make a conference kit.

During Conference:

-Make it a special day (fav breakfasts, etc)
-Be excited yourself (Yay! We get to hear from our prophet!)
-Conf. Bingo
-Don't make them watch all 4 sessions

I've printed off pictures of each of the Apostles and 1st presidency and will make them into a key chain. When they find the picture of the one that is speaking they'll get a piece of candy or some little prize (like a sticker/tattoo or other small thing).

We also did the FHE mentioned above where you give some background. It was fun to see how cool they thought it was that Elder Holland is from St. George where we used to live and that several played sports at the U of U where the kids go see lots of games with Grandma and Grandpa. We also practiced saying their names. It did get a little long, so like I said before break it up into 2 lessons or do a few everyday before conference. If you want the stuff ready to print, let me know and I can email it you.

Happy Conference!


Emily Youngdell said...

Cute Ange!! I will definitely have to try out these ideas. By the way I am so glad that you liked the soup recipe.

marlene said...

I would love the stuff - please send it my way!