Thursday, October 4, 2007

Women's Conference

I actually have a few quite minutes to myself. No kids, hubby, or test beckoning me away. I thought I would take a minute to catch up a little. I was sure that I had posted about being involved with the Relief Society's choir for the broadcast. I've looked my blog over 3 times and nothing! Oh well. I'm pretty sure I had told most of you about it. It really was an amazing experience. Sis. Webb did an incredible job both bringing in the Spirit and teaching the hymns. I look at my little green hymn book very differently now. Some of you said that you couldn't see me, and I haven't seen the broadcast yet to be able to point myself out. I did find this picture (more at so you can now say that you've seen me in the choir! You may have to click on the pic for a better view. (I'm about level with Sis. Webb's head on the right.) Something interesting you many not have noticed about this choir is that not one person is wearing earrings. Sis. Webb has spent quite a bit of time with people from the Islands. Not wearing earrings (even the ones we were originally allowed to wear) was kind of a "shout out" to our sisters in the poor countries around the world and our way of making sure they knew that they didn't need fancy things to be part of our fold. Also at the end of one of the congregational songs, Sis. Webb kind of nods her head back in greeting for a special "we're thinking about you" to a woman in Fiji whose son had come to talk to us at one of our rehearsals.

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marlene said...

Women's Conference was one of the best that I can remember. The music was just amazing, the speakers were inspirational. I loved it!