Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Funny Little Things

I'm not so great about writing down the cute and funny things my kids say, but I've tried much harder this year to get it down. I found it's a great pick-me-upper and thought I'd share a few of my favorites:

McKay was playing with some hotwheel cars during sacrament meeting. He held them up and loudly asked me, "Can I drive them on your face or mine?"

(Last Christmas time)
Lyndsi and I were watching the snow fall out our backdoor. I kept switching on and off the porch light to show her that you could see the snow with the light on but not with the light off. She played with the switch for a minute and asked, "Why do we have a switch to turn the snow on and off?" If only it were that easy!

My favorite:
Sophie was maybe 5 months old when this happened. She was laying on the floor in the hallway while I was doing Lyndsi's hair. All of a sudden I heard this big scream of pain coming from my little baby. I turned around and asked McKay, rather concerned, what happened to the baby. He innocently replied, "I didn't step on Sophie's head." The little stink. He knows how to get himself out of trouble!

My other favorite:
We went to a little luncheon at my cousins house following their baby's blessing. Ranae walked down the hall to check on McKay and her own little boy and found a piece of ham stuck to the door. She grabbed it and laughed as she told me about it, assuming (of course) that it was McKay. Several minutes later, McKay wanders back from the general direction of the ham door and asks, "Hey! Who took my ham?"

He is a crack-up.


Hannah said...

That ham thing is really funny!! One day after I had cleaned the towel that sits under Coleman's car seat, he climbed into the car and said, "Hey, where did my buger pile go?" I couldn't help but laugh.......I then introduced to him a little box of tissues!!!

Ranae and Matt said...

I laugh everytime I think about the ham story. To see his face when he couldn't find his ham