Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Random Thoughts

The St. George temple is my favorite. Each temple has the same spirit within, but I think they each have their own feel to them. I love walking around the big grounds. It's amazing that pioneer men and women could build such a beautiful building in the middle of the desert without having the expert skills you would think necessary. I guess Nephi wasn't the only one taught to how build by the Lord. :) I took this picture when I went to St. George with my family over Easter weekend this year. It's one of my favorites now.

Speaking of St. George, my good friends (and used-to-be next-door neighbors), Jade and Randi Conrad, just had their fourth baby. They had a little girl and named her Tori. She is absolutely beautiful. (Although, I don't know how she could be anything but!) Congrats to them.

Sophie turns 1 a week from tomorrow. (That's her picture!) Sniff. I can't believe how fast this first year has gone. She is so much fun. McKay and Daddy are constantly making her laugh. The first time I really heard her laugh was unlike any other baby's laugh I'd heard before. She had a full on giggle at 5 months old! I've been in denial about her turning one, consoling myself with the fact that she doesn't walk yet and that she still didn't have a tooth. Sunday night Sophie checked the tooth off the baby list. Her first little pearly white popped through and now I see a second one making it's debut.

P.S. Check out my photo gallery and "in the kitchen." I've just added new stuff!

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