Sunday, January 29, 2017

Time to throw in some updated pictures on this ol' blog.  Jeff wanted a picture of the two of us but couldn't get a good one on his phone.  I love this one from my phone despite the fact my lens needs a little cleaning. :P

 I am starting to have little kid withdrawals now that my baby is in kindergarten.  Time has gone so fast.  I try to make time for her little adventures like playing Candy Land (blah).  Hazel wanted to play, too. (I won.  Chloe kept playing until she won,too.

A couple of weeks ago, Jeff decided the kids needed to pull their weight a little more when it came to dinner time.  He wanted each of them to plan/prepare one meal a week. After thinking about it a little bit, I handed each person (mom and dad, too!) in the family a piece of paper and asked them to write down 4 meal ideas, A month of meals- done!  It's been fun watching the kids learn to do more advanced things in the chicken.  One of the meals Sophie picked was lasagna.  Others we've had are chicken salad, Cajun Chicken with rice, Beef and Broccoli, a South West style salad, and BBQ chicken wraps.  Lots of yummy things!

Sports have ruled our Saturday.  Dance (totally counting).  Basketball x 2 and indoor soccer.  It makes for a busy day, but it's so fun to watch the kids and see how far they've come.  It beats staying home and doing chores. ;)

Annnnd snow.  Snow. Snow.  And- more snow.  The last day or two we've started to see the sun including some incredible sunsets/brilliant evening light.  It makes me wish I had a really good camera. It's January and snow and cold are okay I guess, but I am sure looking forward to slightly warmer temperatures!

and here's a picture of my family. :)

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