Friday, January 24, 2014

Learning to be Me

I've been thinking about an amazing bunch of ladies (not all connected) that I have the privilege of calling friends. I really has been blessed with some incredible woman in my life. These are the kind if women who make me want to be a better person. Who make me feel better just sitting between them. I love this.  It gives me a good place to look when I want to improve.

Occasionally, though, I do what you shouldn't do. I compare myself to these girls. The result is exactly what you might imagine. They are put high on a pedestal while all I can see of myself are my weak points.  My flaws. 

I try to stop it when I realize I'm doing it. Today I decide I ought to make a list of the things I admire about these women. Then I wrote one about what I admire in myself. The second list was very different than the first, but no less important. looking forward to using the first list as a guideline as I continually seek to better myself the second one I think will come in handy, assuring me that I am doing OK myself. :)


Emily Youngdell said...

I totally understand where you are coming from. It's so hard not to compare ourselves to others. I struggle with that myself!
I like your list idea. I need to do that. Great post, Angie.

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

Great post, but I dont think it should surprise you, that you are a lady I look up too! :)

Melissa said...

I love this! :)

Unknown said...

I Love You.