Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Unlike my daughter, I can totally grasp 2014.  2013 was a good year.  Not much exciting happened.  Nothing horrible happened.  It was perfectly ordinary with only minor ups and downs.  And that's okay.  I always the the start of new things.  The beginning holds so much promise. So much hope. Could this be the year that I lose the last ___ pounds? My child finds the book that turns them on to reading forever? The year we finally take that vacation?  It's going to be a great year.  :)

Our family always rings in the new year with some of our favorite people.  We meet up with the Stringham clan for food and games.  This year the adults opted to start the party early and catch an a matinee of Catching Fire.  (SO good.) A quick jaunt home to grab the kids and the food and head back to their house.  Turkey sandwiches and yummy finger foods.  (Heard of Cookie Butter? Try it.  You'll thank me.) Lots of games and giggles.  The kids had a good time too.  Wii. Princesses and Fairies.  Mulan.  So happy to have wonderful friends to celebrate with.

We failed to get a "before" picture, but this is the "after." They were still going strong (albeit tired and prone to whininess) at midnight.

Chloe surrounded by two of her favorite people her big Sis, Lyndsi and friend Dane.  Now if we can convince the two big kids it's OK to be friends.  One day they'll believe us.  ;) They did play the Wii together.  That's a start!

So lucky to have these amazing friends!

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It is going to be a great year.