Thursday, December 26, 2013


was fantastic.  Surprisingly, we had to wake our kids up and after all their boasting and plotting and scheming last night.  Both Santa and Mom and Dad hit the mark on the nose.  They each had their obvious favorites (iPods for Lyndsi and McKay and American Girl dolls for Sophie and Chloe).  I asked them what their next favorite gifts were.  They each (independent of each other) named everything they got except maybe the clothes. ;)  It was so fun to watch them play so well the rest of the day- building Legos, dressing dolls, figuring out ipods.

I enjoyed a lengthy nap (which is why I'm now blogging at 1:24 a.m.) and puttering around the house as Jeff would say.  McKay had his dad's full attention engaging him in Skylanders, iPod help, electronic/sciency stuff, movies etc.  Jeff loves it.

My parents joined us for the morning, watching the kids open gifts and sharing a yummy breakfast afterwards.

After a full, fun day I found myself wide awake and restless at midnight, a Christmessy house weighing on my mind.  My neck was stiff anyway, so I threw off my covers and marched my now grumpy self downstairs for a heating pad and midnight cleaning session.  I am not that girl.  I prefer to do these things in the morning when I can enlist my minions  children's help. Perhaps if it were any other time of year I would have read a book or watched TV while the rice pad worked it's heated magic.  But I know the kids will want to play tomorrow.  Bonus, my house is clean the way I want it clean.  :)

Merry Christmas!

So, so happy.  Watch out instagram!!  

His reactions kill me.  He's so excited for everything, you'd think we'd be used to it.  This was the genuine thing, though. Love these moments.

These two cuties have already been shopping and to Cami's house with their mommy.  (Hmmm...maybe play does really imitate life) The boy is Mickey and after a little debate (meaning mom refused the name Minnie), the girl is Charlie.  They are already well loved.  Chloe will be a cute mom to her new babies. 

Meet Kali.  Did you know Sophie had a twin? She and her new AG doll look uncannily alike, even before the matching outfits.  I think Sophie has hardly let go of her since taking her out of the box.  


Unknown said...

What a blast. So many fun things to do. I though you were just getting a heating pad. 2 hours later.

kirsten said...

awesome smiles!
And yay for you for blogging them so we could all see!
(now lets see all the doll clothes!)

Melissa said...

Merry Christmas!! They all look super excited. :)
Way to go blogging already. My last three months worth of pictures are still on the camera. Hmm .... resolution. ;)