Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This Pregnancy

is almost over!  But some things will definitely stand out to me about this pregnancy:

1.  For months, I was completely disgusted at the idea of running-other people or myself.

2.  Cheddar cheese sticks and pretzels- both from Costco.  These were staple foods for me April and May.

3.  Lime.  Anything lime flavored.  Not sure what it is, but if it was lime, I had to have it.  Even lime ice cream.  Yes, ice cream-not sherbet.  And it was really good.

4.  Surprise.  I had nearly given up getting pregnant and had started looking into other options and getting excited about it. 

5.  Surprise again.  It's a girl!  Honestly, I would've been surprised if it were a boy, too, but I had at least
picked a boy name out that I loved and McKay had been praying for a little brother.  Even the girls were on board with the idea of boy.  McKay was convinced that the Dr. had made a mistake until the sweet nurses took a 2nd peak and the nurse and PA both gave the same outcome.

6.  Great music.  Early on I got to go see two great (though very different) concerts-Michael Buble and Muse.  Fantastic.  And very glad I was barely pregnant for both.  Not too sick.  Not even close to showing.  (Very handy at the Muse concert as we were only 10 feet or so from the stage.)

7.  Wiggles.  Not The Wiggles.  This wiggly little spaz inside.  It's been four years since I was last pregnant, but I do not think any of my kids moved as much as she does.

8.  Love.  I have been smitten with this little nudger for months now.  Absolutely in love.  And so have her brother and sisters. 

9.  Fear.  I've never been an anxious pregnant woman.  (Well-except worrying that I wouldn't be capable of loving baby #2 as much as baby #1-how silly of me. :)  This one though has thrown me for a loop.  I still feel completely unready despite the fact this baby could come as soon as 2 or 3 weeks from now. I think I've mentioned before (either here or facebook-perhaps both?) that it felt wrong to buy diapers and wipes.  I've been nervous about her health, her life and even nervous about my nights.  The last week or so I have started making more effort to be physically prepared for her arrival.  Finished up some baby-related sewing, washed both baby bottles and baby clothes, have done some more baby crafts and put the changing table in the baby's room.  It's helped a lot.

10.  How people have reacted to my belly.  Even up through my whole 6th month I had people look at me like I was crazy when I told them i was pregnant and how far along.  They didn't believe me.  Then blessed September hit.  I had a few complete strangers congratulate me on the baby and then they both asked (completely different situations) if this was my 1st.  I just giggled and held up 4 fingers.  Can I just say they are my 2 most favorite strangers I ever met?  Now-5 weeks from the big D-day, people are telling me I finally look pregnant. Love it.  I also have loved how the kids have loved feeling the baby move.  It's so fun to see their faces when they recognize her movements.


Melissa said...

I LOVE that she was a "surprise." Love lime - haven't tried the ice cream though. :) And you didn't tell me you saw Michael Buble -- his concert was one of my favs.

Cami said...

Cute photo!
I love this little summary.


Sunshine and Lazy days said...

something about being pregnant a long time after the last one..very anxious. This new baby girl is going to be SPOILED! and that is the way it should be! :)

Chad and Kristen said...

Reading this almost makes me want another one ALMOST :) You are cute little prego and I can't wait until I get to take her newborn photos!!!! So excited I have girl props that I have had and haven't been able to use since JUNE!!!!! So excited!!!

Anisa said...

You are a cute little pregnant lady. I'm excited for you! good luck!