Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I was going over the kids "summer vacation." Here's what it looks like.

This week: Finish current track session
Following 2 weeks: off-track (June)
Then: Back to school for 3 weeks to finish the current year-round school year.
Next: Summer vacation for 3-4 weeks (July).
Following That: Back to school (new grades) for 3 weeks.
Then because of a track change: Off for 3 more weeks (August).
Finally: Back in school til Nov.

With Memorial day rapidly approaching and our first summer break, I'm going to unplug for a bit.  No blogs, facebook, and minimal e-mail.  I'd love to use that time to take kids to swim lessons, lunch at the park, hiking, the zoo, etc. This will be a huge challenge for me to unplug almost completely (still can't live with out the occasional email check yet), but my kids are really cute and lots of fun right now.  I want to enjoy them, their silly antics and be remembered for a mom who is "there."  (Maybe by the time I'm back I'll actually have some fun pictures and posts to keep you interested. lol)

I will still be available by phone and texting however.  I'm not going caveman here. ;)

Happy summering!!


Kepi said...

A cave is fine with me...

Cami said...

The man cave. *eyeroll*

Good for you, Angie.

I know I'lll see you around. ;)

Calli said...

Hi Angie, my name is Calli and I'll be sending you a gift for the Craftaholics Gift Exchange. I need your email so I can get your info. Please email me at gourmetgirlie@hotmail.com.