Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Not Normally

I don't clean my kids rooms for them. I don't mind helping them clean and at least (if I'm busy with something else) will give them little tasks to do like "take care of all the clothes." When that is finished, they come back for another one. That and actually being in there helping have worked great for me so far. Occasionally though bedrooms get out-of-control messy.

McKay's room has been that way for the last several days, despite our attempts to clean it together. Last night I couldn't walk in his room and decided that was the last straw. Today while he was at a friends, I went in and cleaned. I did a little organizing, threw a bunch of "special" papers away (you know-anything that has been touched by them) and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. I wondered at I was doing. I didn't feel anger at McKay for allowing his room to get this way. I really didn't mind doing it, but how could I deny my child an opportunity to learn to work and be responsible for his own things? How could I let that teaching opportunity slide right by?!

Honestly. We are all happier this way. I'm happier because now I can wash all his clothes, walk in his room and see his floor. McKay will be happier because now he doesn't have the overwhelming tast of cleaning his room weighing him down and he's not getting in trouble.

Oh! Epiphany-It just came to me-I haven't lost a learning opportunity-at least for myself. It seems this is what Heavenly Father is constantly doing for me, wiping my slate clean so I get a "do-over" to try and be better. A little bit of mercy for a daughter He loves. Now McKay gets a little "do-over" himself and we can work harder together to get the hang of keeping a room clean. I love finding little lessons in daily life.


kirsten said...

we recently had a RS activity about de-cluttering and one thing that was said that struck me was that we are setting our kids up to fail with their rooms. they have too much stuff and too many clothes and it's not usually arranged so that they can successfully clean it themselves.
interesting, huh?

clean rooms rock. wanna come do mine? ;)

Cami said...

Sweet mercy from all sides. :)

Emily said...

I loved your Epiphany. Good insight, Ange.
I loved talking to you on the phone today. Can't wait for Zupas in a couple of weeks! Bring on the creamy soups. None of the brothy kind, right? :)

Kepi said...

The room does look sharp, nice! You gals should try the new Split Pea Pimento I hear it is good.