Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flying Solo

Jeff's out of town for work.  Due to that and a nasty cold, I've been really tired.  Yesterday I was contemplating staying home from church today (not wanting to spread these icky germs) or only going to sacrament meeting.  When I woke up at 7:30 feeling refreshed, there were no more questions of what to do in my mind.  I helped get the kids ready and we went to church. We have sacrament last and admittedly I was nervous about trying to keep 3 active kids (especially #'s 2 and 3) quite and reverant.  The meeting passed with the usual loudly whispered conversations and lots of coloring and asking of advice on what to draw next.  McKay all of a sudden got it in his brain to draw all the planets in our solar system, the sun, the moon the milky way, and various other space-related things.  He was constantly asking me what color which planet was, how big, etc.  It felt like a busy sacrament meeting.  Afterwards though, the man sitting behind me (one of the younger empty-nesters) told me how much he enjoyed my kids' reverance today.  He thought they were thoroughly wonderful and well-behaved and he expressed his appreciation for that. Then another friend (with older kids) caught me and made sure I knew that I could call her for help anytime if I need it while Jeff is gone and gave me some great bits of advice.  I left sacrament feeling so uplifted and my testimony of how much Heavenly Father loves me and his awareness of me, my trials and my concerns strengthened.  It's nice to know you are loved, thought of and taken care of.

Just for fun-
Here are the pictures McKay drew in sacrament meeting.  The scanner distorted the colors a bit.  That brownish looking ball is actually orange.  And I just noticed we're missing Saturn.  (Maybe the rings added to Neptune and Venus threw me off.)


Sunshine and Lazy days said...

very cute space pictures! And I'm sorry you were sick, but I'm glad you made it to church! :)

Jennie said...

So Cute! I've been inspired by your monster pictures that you posted on twidle thumbs a while back (the ones that your son drew with his friend and then you turned into monsters). So today, when my son drew a monster, I decided to turn it into a T-shirt with freezer paper stencils. I'm so excited. In fact, that's what I asked for for mother's day...freezer paper. BTW, no one notices other people's kids at church(at least not the people that have a bunch of their own...)

Anisa said...

wow, that's pretty amazing art!

Kepi said...

Love ya Ang. Way to go McKay your awesome.

Cami said...

Cool pictures.
It's nice to see that Heavenly Father helps us do what will bless us most. YOU can do hard things. ;)