Monday, February 15, 2010


was great.  I'm so glad I got to go.  I think I can make it until spring now. ;)  Really, we had a great time.  Here's a quick recap of what we did:

Departure late morning!

Walked around Waikiki
Ate dinner at Planet Hollywood
Went to bed kind of early (at least by whatever time zone is Hawaii)

Got up early
Hiked Diamond Head.  Beautiful.  I'll have you know Jeff did this on one granola bar and did not complain of hunger once.  I was in shock.  (happy shock, babe.  Happy shock.)

Came back and ate breakfast
Went to Aloha Stadium for swap meet.  Missed the exit.  (Thanks "Mandy" our beloved TomTom.) Eventually got there. 
Spent too much $$ (according to Jeff).  Ate an enormous pork sandwich there.

Visited the Battleship Missouri at Pearl Harbor.  Was in awe.

Sunday (My favorite Day)
View from our room

Sailed to Arizona Memorial. 

Went to church.  Loved the ward we went to.

Picniced at the Punchbowl cemetery.  (My favorite place we visited.  Beautiful)

Stopped at the Pali Lookout on our way to the north shore

Went to a Buddhist Temple

Went to the Lai'e Temple (where we acutally met Mark Eubank, funny enough, who is the visitor's center director)

My first day alone.
Read on the beach for an hour or so.
Took a nap
Had lunch on the beach
Read some more

Ate lunch at Seasider Cafe (BYU-Hawaii)
Polynesian Cultural Center all day with my aunt (wished the kids were with me for that)

Alone again. 
Read and watched TV
Dole Plantation

Matsumoto's shaved ice
Shrimp shack for dinner

Waiemea Falls.  Got dumped on.  Wish I had worn my swimsuit.

Played in the ocean. 
Attempted snorkling.

Did not sleep well on plane.
Came home.
Happy reunion with kiddos.


Cami said...

An excellent recap.
Lovely photos, but my favorite one is of Jeff in the pineapple.
So glad you got to go!

Kelly said...

HOW FUN! I think the Cultural Center would be the BEST! and how awesome is that Buddhist Temple? Gorgeous!

Tams Family said...

Awesome! So glad you got to go do something fun with your hubby.

Anisa said...

It feels like forever since I've been to Hawaii. Looks like lots of fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the post and pictures. It sounds like you had a good trip!

Nicole said...

I'm so glad that you had fun!!