Monday, February 22, 2010

Girls' and their room

Little sister is getting into everything.  Big sister wants her privacy.  Mom is tired of the 1 + 1 = national-disaster-sized mess equation.  Mom is also tired of the one being blamed for 1 persons stuff being "stolen" by the other person.  I'm thinking it's time to move Lyndsi to the extra bedroom.  Maybe it will be easier to teach them to clean their rooms when they can't blame the mess on the "other" sister.   Lyndsi could stay up a little later doing quiet things she likes to do such as reading and writing. 

Downsides-she'd be in the basement by herself.  Would she be distracted by Jeff and I doing our thing down there (i.e. TV, crafts, exercise)?  What about if she wakes up in the night?

And what about my food storage?  Where will I move that?

Thoughts anyone?


Jennifer Nikole said...

I shared a room with my sister, but I probably would have my girls have separate rooms if I had two. Just because, I think they need their own space and anything that can reduce fighting is worth it (well, most things, anyway). I would just try it if I were you.

Michelle said...

So this was exactly my plan for Sam. Our basement is almost finished and I have been talking it up so she will want to move down there when she turns eight. My big plan...baptism, new room, ears pierced. Big plans for my big girl.

No clue about food storage...we have no room either I guess that is why we are not doing so well with ours. I need to make room in the garage and laundry room.

Cami said...

I think I gave you 50 cents, not just two.

Kepi said...

We could put the food storage under her bed, and she could sleep on a bed of rice.

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

having her own room could have a lot of pluses...have you talked to her about it? Sariah loves having a place to escape to when Luke and Ethan, and sometimes parents are annoying her. Plus, we have told Luke that he can only go in her room when he is invited in...and Sariah loves the fact that we all have to knock before we enter. So, I say let her have some space! You never know, she might miss the sis and want to move back in with her! :)

Laurie said...

Personally I'm not sure if she'd like it down there by herself. I'm also big on sharing and getting along. That's just my take on it. Laurie