Monday, November 9, 2009

Things To Do

Sorry. I can't think of anything else to post right now, so you get my somewhat ambitious to-do list.

1. Run 2x on the treadmill at a 6.0 for 20 minutes. (Reality-this is my goal, I'll be happy if I could do it at 5)

2. Make an apron for our RS enrichment-excuse me-Relief Society service auction on Wednesday.

3. Start on some doll clothes for the girls' for Xmas.

4. Laundry. Always laundry.

5. Figure out what Jeff wants for Christmas (along with a few others on our list)

6. Finish up some other doll-related crafts.

7. Try my hand at making some felt food.

8. Thaw a turkey

9. Cook a thawed turkey.

10. Hang with good friends.

11. Take Lyndsi Christmas shopping for Mia, her doll. (her idea not mine, but it's also her $$.)

12. Read.

13. Pick a book for next month's book club.

Hmm....I think that's enough. I'd wish for something interesting to blog about, but I'm kind of enjoying the slower pace right now. :)


Kelly said...

If you are looking for a good book for a book club, I hear The Hunger Games is great. It's my next must read.

nateandcj said...

That is a good book along with the sequel.

Angie said...

That's funny you suggested that. We just discussed Hunger Games and Catching Fire at our meeting last week. Great reads!

Jamie said...

Laundry, always laundry.

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I bet you can do it all! What type of book are looking for? And I bet you can run on the treadmill that fast! That's a really good goal! =)

marlene said...

I love lists :)

Sherilyn said...

We are reading the Uglies for our book club this month. Also, I was told I needed to read Two Cups of Tea. Maybe that would be a good one to read. Let me know I am always up for a ggod book

Angie said...

I love the Uglies, but it seems very similar to the ones we ust read (Hungar Games and Catchinig fire). We just did 3 cups of Tea-which is very mucha worthwhile read.