Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Goals

Well. It's time. The holidays are upon us.

Picture courtesy: Country Living magazine

I thought I'd take a minute and write down some goals I have for myself and my family this season (along with some we've started working on). I would love it if you feel the desire to share your goals for the season as well.

1. Think of something new each day to be grateful for and write it down. Do this through Thanksgiving day.

2. Continue to purchase thoughtful, but budget conscious presents for loved ones.

3. In December, think of things each day to celebrate and post them where each family member can see.

4. Spend a good portion of time teaching children about Christ, the true meaning of Christmas, and the joy we receive by giving and serving others.

5. Sit down and plan festive things to do with kids while off track and as a family.

6. Take time to be quiet and enjoy the beauty of the season-the lights, the music, the snow, the feelings.

7. Continue the tradition of the "Mary and Joseph" dinner on Christmas Eve.

I'm sure I will add more as the season progresses and as you readers share what you will be doing and have been doing. For now, this is a pretty all encompassing list.

Update-Just thought of one more-

8. Take lots of pictures at Thanksgiving. I never have any pictures from this great holiday.


Kelly said...

#4 is the best!
It makes me mad/sad that our country is slipping away from God. I am a Christian, I embrace Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I celebrate his birth! Saying, "Merry Christmas" should not offensive to anyone.

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I agree! I have made an effort in my home to emphasize why we celebrate this season. Also, Santa only brings the stockings at our house. I set a budget this year and have only spent 60.00 on each kid. It's actually amazing how much you can get! I have been to many christmas mornings where my nieces and nephews have received so many present that meaning has been lost on the excitement leaves after a little while. I love all your goals Angie! You are an inspiration! :)

marlene said...

Love your list...what is the "Mary and Joseph" dinner?

JM Phocion said...

# 9 Take a nap