Monday, November 30, 2009


was wonderful. And-I did take lots more pictures.

We went to my Aunt Michele's house for dinner and a relaxing day. It was a small group compared to normal, but still a nice size. The food was exceptional and in true Marchant fashion there was plenty to last all day.

One Thanksgiving tradition we have is scouring the ads for the best Black Friday deals and planning the most effective route, start time, etc.

The kids just play, play, play. I have no idea what these two were doing, but they look kinda guilty, huh?

It was a lot of fun and a big thanks to the Teran's for hosting and the aunts for providing the big parts of the meal! It was fabulous!!


Rachel Teran said...

That's a lovely picture of me debating on what to eat. ;) It was a lot of fun. I was bummed we didn't get to chat more, but I am still recovering from my cold and I didn't feel all to wonderful on Thanksgiving :( You're kids are absolutely gorgeous though, I have to say!

Sherilyn said...

So glad that you had a great time together. Wish we could have come but we had a great time with Mark's family this year

Randi said...

Okay, how do you manage to always look like you stepped out of the salon? I am real jealous! Missing you all!!