Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Tag

1. Favorite Christmas song? White Christmas.
2. Favorite Christmas beverage? Hot chocolate (oh yeah! we got it!)
3. Favorite Christmas activity with your family? Mary and Joseph dinner and opening the Christmas Eve pj's and all the anticipation on Christmas Eve.
4. Favorite Christmas TV special? It's a Wonderful Life and How The Grinch Stole Christmas.
5. Favorite Christmas candy? Before this weekend-Aunt Cynthia's homemade caramels. After this weekend-Oreo truffles.
6. Naughty or nice? Nice.
7. Biggest Christmas hassle? Cards.
8. Hassle or not, my favorite thing to do for Christmas is _________? Having the tree decorated so I can relax in the glow of its light.
9.Tree topper: Star, angel or other? Star on one, big bow and pine cones on the other.
10. The person you are most excited to give to this year? Umm....Everyone.
11. What is on your wrapping paper? I like traditional colors, so I try to stick with red and greens-stripes, candy canes, and santas. I do have some more colorful white/silvery stuff with little trees and presents.
12. Dreaming of a White Christmas? Uh-did you read number 1?
13. Going caroling? As long as our friends don't chicken out on us.
14. Gift you are hoping for most this year? for me-an MP3 player. For my family-that they all love what they get and have no disappointments.

Tagging: Marlene, Jennie, Randi and Kelly


Cami said...

Is that a challenge? (caroling)

Angie said...

You better believe it. :)

Rachel Teran said...

Thank you for your cute present. I loved it all! I'm in love with the kitchen, so any recipe stuff makes me excited.