Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Pictures

I don't really have time to be doing this, but my blog is sadly lacking in fun holiday pictures and info.
It's been a busy season. Here's the low-down:

1. The "other" ward party-for those of us not able or willing to find a babysitter for the "adult" party. Ran crazy around a friend's office (where we held the party). Ate delicious and bounteous snacks. Kids decorated gingerbread houses.

2. Dancing- Lyndsi in the Nutcracker. Chinese dancers. Several extra practices this week. (I think the only place I go now is "dance").

3. Crafting-Patience. Getting done. Too many. (Again.) Pictures come post-Christmas.

4. MoTab/Brian Stokes Mitchell and Edward Harrman. In the spirit now. Amazing vocals. Comforting narration. Good times with mom.

5. Snow. Not coming down (currently). Slows the driving (and thus everything else). Beautiful to watch. Fun to be in -if bundled properly.

6. Looking forward to-Ward Christmas program and chances to sing with amazing Cami. Caroling. Being with in-laws for the weekend. Work party. Family party. Christmas Eve. Mary and Joseph dinner, Christmas morning. McKay opening his sisters present that's already under the tree (so excited). Cards going out. Neighbor treat-making. Santa. Mr. Kruger. Polar Express.

See what I mean? Busy. Love it.

First the trees:
The kids-done in 10 minutes.

Mine. I think about a week.

Now the kids.

We have a princess.

And a Prince.

And then we have Goofy. She claims to be Minnie Mouse, but we all know.....

And then there's the three of them. See what I mean? Goofy.


Totally not Christmas but so cute I had to share. My little man:


Kelly said...

Angie i found you!
i was feeling nostalgic because of our 10-year reunion coming up, so i googled your name and it led me to your blog. i can't even begin to say how cute your kids are! i can't write much, as i am typing one-handed (baby in the other). but write me back ok? and let's talk reunion!
-kelly snodgress richards

Jennie said...

Cute pics!

Randi said...

We are in town for a couple days give me a call and I can help you out for a couple hours!!

Emily Youngdell said...

I love your tree! My tree looks awful. I can't keep Ashley away from it. Good luck with all of your fun projects.