Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Last summer for our little family book club, my sister-in-law picked a vampire story called *"Twilight" for us to read. I hadn't read a vampire story since Junior High, but I willingly went along with it, opting to check it out from the library instead of getting it from Barnes and Noble. (We had just read a different vampire story "the Historian" earlier in the year). Along with so many others, I was hooked on Stephenie Meyers series about a cult of vampires who were "vegetarian" only feasting upon wildlife. I just went to her website and read the first chapter of the 3rd book, Eclipse. If you haven't read her books, do! She puts a different spin on a classic monster.

*Read the book before you go snooping too far into her website. She has the first chapter of Twilight rewritten in a very different perspective. My own opinion is to read the book, then from her site. It's much more exciting that way.

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