Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Christmas in July

That's a phrase we commonly here in this patriotic summer month, sometimes referring to a special charity drive, other times to a huge, blowout-type sale. I've seen the phrase a few times this summer myself. On my cousin's blog, she issued a scrapbook challenge to get some Christmas pictures committed to an album. On another scrapbooker's blog (OK-one of the royal family of scrapbooking-Becky Higgins), she was also talking about Christmas in July and how she was listening to Christmas music in her office as she worked on the December issue of Creating Keepsakes. With this inspiration and the enjoyment I find in doing a challenge, I started thinking more about the holidays. I went into my living room and dusted off my Reader's Digest collection of Christmas music. I sat down to make a meager attempt of playing a few carols. The first one brought the kids running to me from the far corners of the house as they heard the piano mimic the tinkling of sleigh bells and they joyously started singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." I experienced a slight rush of holiday feeling at that precise moment. Not playing the piano particularly well, I gave up on that song and tinkered around a little with "Jingle Bell Rock" one that I play particularly well, for me anyway. My fingers were still a little restless, so I continued flipping through the book, looking over each familiar Christmas title until I stumbled on a sentimental favorite of my. As I started, as best I could, playing through the slow, melancholy "I'll be home for Christmas," I was enveloped in memories of Christmas past. I was immediately transported back in time and place, several years back to my Grandma's living room. I could distinctly hear this song's beautiful melody coming from her piano with it's old, slightly tingy sound. I could almost feel the soft snowflakes swirling around outside her large front room window as I sat quietly in the living room, the only lights being the piano light and a soft glow coming from her flocked Christmas tree decorated with glass bells and little Christmas mice. I could even smell the homey, clean smell her house always had. It was amazing. This is not a memory of mine, but a feeling put into pictures in my mind. I had been bit by the holiday bug (and not the grumpy Bah!Hum bug) and was flooded with warm, wonderful sensations only Christmas time can produce, like warm rich hot chocolate after a night out at Temple Square or carolling or delivering gifts. What are some of your favorite memories of Christmas? What sort of feelings does that special time of year evoke from you? I'd like to encourage you pull out some of your favorite holiday music and let it take you back, let you feel. Then write it down while the memories and feelings are fresh. July is a great time to reflect on Christmas. There is no rush, no overcrowded stores, no calendars bursting at the seams. Merry Christmas!

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marlene said...

I am smiling - what great detail. You need to do a layout about it - take the journaling straight from the blog, pick an old Christmas photo that speaks to you and make a simple page. It will be one of your favorites! If you do it then I want to see it :)