Thursday, January 8, 2015

Couch Makeover!

Well...More like a throw pillow makeover, but it does change my couch up a bit. I still think of these couches as my "nice" couches, but when I really think about it, these babies are 10 years old.  Unless you never sit on couches (let alone have kids around them), 10 years can wear out the best of couches.

This is what my couches look like- the same way they were displayed at Boulevard Home Furnishing years ago.  (Try to see past the terrible lighting.)  The decorative fringe is getting really stringy.  The weave in the pillows are getting snagged.  And honestly, the color is a bit drab for the space it's in.

I can't afford to replace the couches yet.  Nor do I want to replace them until we are fully, 200% potty trained here.  My cute friend at work has been asking me to help her with some throw pillows for her couch.  I haven't really done many pillows but as I've looked at different tutorials, I caught the bug.  I had to redo my pillows.  (I can't teach what I don't know, right?)

I used this tutorial with one change.  I used one piece of fabric (like this one) instead of cutting one piece for the front and two for the back.  This worked for me because I was doing so many pillows from the same fabrics.  If I were only doing one pillow I would do it the way she did it.

I scoured Hobby Lobby for fabric I loved.  My favorite store did not disappoint.  I summoned all the energy I could and set out to get them made.  (Some dumb virus has invaded me this week and I spent a good 3 days on the couch.)

These were really easy.  Definitely a good beginner sewing project.  My one tip would be to iron, iron, iron.  It takes a good project to the next level.

Love my new pillows.  The kids thought I bought new pillows.  Now I think I need to paint my family room....


kirsten said...

Ha, I NEEDED to sew last week, it has been so long! So I made a couple new ones for our couch, too. Do you mean you didn't make them remove able?

Emily Youngdell said...

Super cute!!!