Monday, August 13, 2012

A Typical Sunday at the Maynes

by Jeff Maynes
Shared by me

Upon arriving home from the morning meeting Dad announces his presence and begins to investigate the native householders.
Lyndsi, are you ready?
McKay, are you ready? 
I can't find my shoes.   
They are probably in your room where you took them off last week. 
I looked Dad, I can't find them. 
"Sophie, are you ready?"  Big smile, he he he, he he he, Daddddd.  
Chole enters from some far flung corner of the house she is exploring
"Daddddieeeee  Daddddieeee."
3 mins later. 
McKay are these your shoes? Under your bed under your pants?
Oh, yeah.
Chloe enters room with her favorite toy of McKays, Thor. Its the one that yells "I am Thorrrrrrr"
Chloe  "Torrrrrrrr"
3 mins later
A mad dash of hair preparation has ensued in the bathroom.
Dad, be quiet and go downstairs, you are distracting the baby
Hair prep entails 3 heads of hair in 7.25 minutes. Remarkable
The relative calm of the next three hours descends upon us. 
After the big meeting is over we all head in different directions
Kids exit west to walk with friends/sibling, mom exits south with baby. Dad left in dust.
1 to 4 hours later. 
Dad enters from garage.
McKay and Sophie and table, Chloe & Mom asleep the latter a rarity, Lyndsi in room, all too common.
Hey Dad
Hey Guys. Is that an egg?
Did you cook it?
How did you do that?
Don't you remember that time you taught me how.
Ummm Yeah.
He made me one to.
Dinner sometimes is nice and sometimes is leftovers or whatever is found.
Dad, here is a list of what you could be for Halloween.
Spy, Chuck, Flynn Rider.
McKay has derived this list from conversations with Dad regarding his favorite movie, Mom regarding one of her favorite characters and randomness. Flynn Rider really?
Two of these are portrayed by the same actor, I am sensing a theme here.
After some family reading Mom and Dad go on a walk with Chloe while the remaining crew "get ready for bed"
24 minutes later
Sophie prancing around room in PJ's, Lyndsi in room, McKay. Door closed. Oh Dear.
McKay what you doing. 
Moving my bed back where it was when we moved in.
Dad rubs head, with audible groan heard.
Bedroom is rearranged every 5.7 weeks.
Have you guys brushed your teeth?
All answer affirmative
No on has brushed their teeth.
Prayer is said. Prayers are said.
3 minutes later.
Sophie: I'm hungry
Go to bed
I'm hungry.
Remember when we asked you 2 hours ago if you were hungry?
You asked what there was to eat, we said you could have some soup, you gave us a blank stare.
But I won't be able to fall asleep unless I get some food
Lyndsi: Dad can you help me make this project? (A doll bed out of cereal boxes she has learned on YouTube)
Its time for bed Lyndsi.  
Big Smile
Guess who won that battle
30 minutes later.
Dad, I'm scared. 
McKay. Go To Bed.


Cami said...

I'm laughing hard. Especially about dad rubbing his head with a groan (about McK moving his bed)

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

oh my, I am so glad my Sunday's aren't the only ones that are crazy! :) Mckay moving his bed sounds like a boy thing. At least he isn't taking it apart and putting it back together, right?