Thursday, July 26, 2012

First Day Fun

 Lyndsi- 5th grade.  Would rather be on traditional.  At least for the summer.  Loved back to school shopping.  Back to school not so much. :)  One of the best things about back to school is going back to dance.

McKay- 3rd Grade.  Excited to go back.  Loves his teacher.  Loves his class.  The least whiny when it comes to going to school.  Looking forward to learning his times tables and writing in cursive.

Sophie- 1st grade.  Will be our bilingual child.  Half day English. Half day Spanish.  A  bit nervous about 1st grade.  Loves her new clothes and lunch box.  Still loves reading (to me) and being read too.  She'll do well this year.

Chloe- No grade.  Gets to stay home.  Has Mom to her self.  Looking forward to being rather spoiled.

 The whole crew.  Who said they could get so big?


Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

Um, when did your kids get so big? I can't believe lyndsi is in the 5th grade!

Cami said...

Adorable shots and thoughts from the kids.

Melissa said...

Cute pictures! Enjoy the new school year. :)

Unknown said...

Oh My, I'm a goner. Toast. Goobers.