Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm really looking forward to sending my off-track kids back to school.  I've loved having them home (mostly), but I'm not getting any Christmas stuff done. Fortunately they go back on Monday.  Wahoo!!

Earlier this month we headed out to Denver to visit Jeff's parents.  Last time we drove I-70 there.  Yuck.  And I-80 back.  Double Yuck.  This time we flew.  Awesome.  The kids did spectacularly on the flight.  Even with the hour delay.  Going through airport security with 4 little kids is quite a feat, I'll tell you.  The kids were great.  Six people with one back pack each, plus laptop, plus purse, plus stroller is a lot of stuff.  It was totally worth it though to see the kids excitement through the whole process.  On the way home (a 7-something a.m. flight) we had several people compliment us on our well-behaved children and baby.  (Like I could control the baby's behavior. lol.)  If dirt cheap flights ever come up again, I'd fly with them again in a heart beat.

While there we took the kids back to the Natural History Museum.  This time we checked out an exhibit all about our bodies, health, etc. McKay loved it. No, he really loved it.  We went the first day and he asked to go back every day after.  We were able to take the girls to the American Girl store as well.  Let's just say there was a lot of love that weekend. :)  Sadly, we found out too late there is a Lego store in the same shopping center.  Next time, McKay.

How fun to run into good friends far from home.  Terry, our old neighbor, has been doing a lot of work in Denver.  Jeff called him up and invited him over for dinner.

And just for fun. Sophie was channeling her inner Lady Gaga.  Never mind the fact that she doesn't know who Gaga is. :)


Melissa said...

Fun pictures! Next time we visit we'll have to check out the lego store as well. :)

Ashlee said...

Fun! Four kids on a plane sounds like a ton of work! You are braver then me. AND we LOVE Uncle Terry! How fun to see him in Denver.

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

I still haven't been on airplane! I love that you guys go on family trips! :) I still can't get over how much your girls look like you! Beautiful!