Monday, November 21, 2011

1st Birthday- Twice!!

Chloe is one now.  Where did the time go?  It makes me a little sad that she's so big now.

Obviously she's a little sad about it, too.  But she is such a fun kid.  She loves to entertain our whole family.  She really loves to tease her big brother though.  And he eats it up.  :)  She's still crawling everywhere and toothless.  I'm ok with that.  She does stairs in both directions, cruises along the furniture, handles a sippy cup well and does a little baby jabber.  She is best at being the center of attention and pulling funny faces to make us laugh.

Chloe celebrated her birthday first with Gma and Gpa Maynes in Denver.  Jeff set a huge piece of cake down in front of her.  She poked around a little bit and then picked up the piece and started shoving it in her mouth.  It was Grandpa's favorite moment of our trip. :)

We celebrated again later with my parents.  She loved playing with the boxes before they were unwrapped, and playing with all her new things once they were unwrapped.  She cuddled her baby, read her books, and pushed lots of buttons. The exception would be the doll stroller/walker.  I think it scared her when it moved on her.  She still doesn't love it, but it will come.

We love our little Chlo-bug and are so glad she's a part of our family!


Melissa said...

They grow up so fast. She is a cutie!!

Sherilyn said...

I love the cute sad face at the top. Can't believe she is one. Such a cutie and so loved.