Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Little Catch Up

There's been a lot going on around here.  Instead of several posts, we'll just do a little re-cap.

Chloe started baby food!

She also just had her 4 month check up (at almost 5 months. Oops.)  She weighs 13 lb 10 oz (25-50%) and is 26 inches long (90-95%).  She's still a happy smiley baby who makes some of the strangest baby noises.  We are all completely in love still.

Sophie has been begging for quite some time to get her ears pierced.  After learning how to write her last name, she finally got it done.  For the record, she didn't cry one bit. No watery eyes either.  She's also very diligent about keeping them clean and twisted. 

I am embracing another year in my 30s.  Jeff, the kids, and my parents spoiled me once again.  The girls got me a new turtle garden stone, McKay made me a Club Penguin (his new favorite thing) journal all on his own.  Jeff downloaded the Goose Girl for me on his Kindle (which I am liking reading on a kindle). He also got me a new CD, the movie "Young Victoria" and is taking me shopping for running shoes.  My parents gave me jewelry, a dress and a skirt.  My favorite surprise?  Jeff picked up this awesome red velvet cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  It was SO good.

Lyndsi had crazy hair day at school and for once gave me enough notice so we could have a little fun with it. She loved her hair and wore it all day, including to dance.

McKay has been dead to the world.  Apparently the flu is going around.  Wash your hands people.  I've only seen my poor boy wake and talking for a few hours over the last 3 1/2 days.  Thankfully he's up and about today showing interest in both food and activity.  Hopefully we'll be back to school tomorrow.

And Jeff? You're guess is as good as mine.  He's currently slaving away for the tax monster.  Less than 2 weeks now!  Can't wait for this tax season to be over. Ugh.

And just because she's cute and I love this new thing she's doing with her finger, a little more Chloe.


Kelly said...

I had to comment on that last picture of Chloe--so cute! I just want to pinch her cheeks. :)

sweets said...

very cute!

Cami said...

Such cute photos!
Love Lyndsi's hair.
Melissa just told me that Betsy is 13 lbs. Funny how everyone grows differently.

rachel said...

Your cake makes me wish I was on sugar again. :) Happy Birthday!!

Karamie said...

Darling! Chloe is too cute! And Lyndsi's hair is awesome! Happy Birthday Angie, sounded like it was great! How fun that Sophie got her ears pierced! And sorry to hear McKay's been sick...ugh...we've been passing it back and forth for months now! No fun. Yay for you and Jeff that tax season is almost over:)

Sherilyn said...

I can hardly wait for tax season to be over too! This has been a tough year. Can't wait to go on the Alaska cruise for a litte R&R. It will be nice for you to see more of your husband than me. Love all the cute pictures. Lindsay hair is to coute for crazy hair day. She is growing up to fast

Ashley said...

Your kids are so darling, love the new pictures :)