Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Beautiful Day

After reading my cousins facebook post about all the fun and wonderful things she was anxious to be doing outside, Sophie and I were inspired to get out and ride bikes. 

She did really well on her bike.  We've never had a great place to teach our kids to ride bikes, so we've been really slow about it.  However, this house has a fairly flat and wide driveway. Perfect for 4 year olds learning to ride their bikes. 

I even got my bike out and rode around the circle a few times!

(Sorry-no pictures.  Imagination will have to suffice for that.)

Chloe was confined to the stroller.  Look at those yummy cheeks!


rachel said...

Your kids are dolls! Baby Chloe is so precious. I've been catching up on your posts and the new house is amazing! So much space and I love all the natural light! So happy you guys are loving your new home. :)

I'm loving these bike riding spring days...keep it up mother nature! :)

Michelle said...

So fun!! I love play time. I am eagerly awaiting spring and summer now that Madilyn is a little more independent. Lots of OUTDOOR activities this year. awwwww motherhood is FUN!!!

Cami said...

Ack! I think I may just have to build my own bicycle instead of waiting for Cameron.
Sunny days!!!
Chloe I have missed you!