Monday, August 2, 2010


is in full swing now. 

I have some fun "1st day of school" pictures I'd like to post and write about and a few other things, but the nesting instinct is dictating life right now.  :)  Just this morning I've already washed kitchen walls and cleaned out 1 closet.  (Well, half of one.  I did the other half last week.)  I've got plans to tackle the "under the stairs" closet before lunch.  Hoping to find a bunch of DI items or throw-away items in that one.  Not that I want to wish myself a collector of such junk. It would just be nice to not feel like I need to hold on to the mess-causers that lurk within that particular closet. 

After that, I've got a list of other household projects to work on through out the coming weeks, not to mention my baby to-do list.  That one is a little more fun.  Quilts,  shopping, fun things to do with our family as it is now, more sewing, etc.  Halloween and Christmas are already weighing down on my mind.  Especially Christmas.  Mind you, this is all in addition and on top of what I already need to be doing like regular housework, training kids to clean and practice and read without my encouragement and prodding, cooking dinner (when really, all I want is homemade fresh peach pie), playing chauffer, etc. 

Well, I've armed myself with my little Sansa Fuze, a glass of water and just might grab that handy dandy little timer.  Guess I'll get to work now. :)


Kepi said...

Mr. Bellamy anyone?

Angie said...

Oh, yes please!

Cami said...

Wow! You are a busy queen bee!
What is a sansa fuze?

Angie said...

It's my mp3 player and boy have I needed it today to help tackle McK's room!!

Cami said...

Ella's room is the killer for me.

The boys' room needs tackling, but it is seriously beyond me. I'll have to do it with Dane one of these days. He's got the most crap.

If I could ever get things down to just me and Bryce (Dane is currently home sick), I think I could get a lot done!

Melissa said...

Okay - that homemade peach pie looks and sounds delicious! If there was a way to make 1/2 pies maybe I would attempt to learn how to make pie.

I'm also hoping that when B starts school I will find the motivation to clean like you have been doing. I lost mine sometime at the beginning of summer. :)

You have been busy!! I LOVE your timer idea.