Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Day of School

Here they are, ready to go!

Lyndsi starting 3rd grade.  2 1/2 weeks in she's loving her teacher, doing well with the curriculum and homework increase. 

McKay started 1st grade.  The only negative effect I've seen is he's SO tired by about 6:30.  He loves his teacher too, and is doing really well with the all day schedule and eating lunch at school.  He's only asked to take lunch from home once.

Sophie.  I'm not sure she's even noticed anyone is gone.  :)  She's had friends to play with, sole control of the TV, and errands to run with mom. 

Me?  I'm doing good. I've been really busy and am amazed at how clean the house stays when your kids are only there for a few hours. :) I'm not ready for them to be off track next week because of some projects I have going, but they're ready for a little break.  It will be nice for them to let it all settle in and catch their breath. 


Karamie Maynes said...

Cute cute cute! They look great! I'm looking forward to when my kids are at school all day, so maybe the house can stay clean, and I can accomplish big projects-like interior designing, and I think Tes will just LOVE school. Right now, no matter how hard I try Tes is a tesmania tornado, she can take the house apart in minutes! We're several years away from school though, so I'll have to keep truckin' along with a less than tidy house:)

Cami said...

Very cute pictures!

I fear I may cry when the kids go off track. I think with nearly two weeks of sickness of been shorted.

AND as far as the tasks you'd like to avoid, I just found a grout scrubbing sponge at Target that's going to change my shower cleaning life forever!

Miss you sumthin' awful.

Kelly said...

Back to school is my favorite time of the year! So dand exciting! :D

sweets said...

school came up way to fast.

Melissa said...

Fun back to school pictures! We will be there next week.

Loved the moving not excited to do list. :) Good luck with everything. You have some exciting times ahead. :) Keeping the house ready to show is the hardest thing about it I think.

Sally said...

The kids look great. Lyndsi's pic makes me nostalgic for 3rd grade. I loved it.

nateandcj said...

Your kids are so cute and big. Good luck with the little one on the way:) Saw your moving list..where are you moving to? Hope all is well with your cute family!

nateandcj said...
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