Monday, March 8, 2010

Lyndsi's Baptism

Saturday was Lyndsi's baptism.  I knew it was exciting and special and all that, but I felt really unprepared for how wonderful it was.  And not just the service, but the entire day was full of peace and love and family-togetherness.  We were all just happy.

Jeff both baptized and confirmed her (and did a wondeful job).  Our home teacher and good friend, Terry Ewell spoke on baptism and our primary president Mia Tibbets spoke on the Holy Ghost. 

Afterwards we had a big lunch at our home for our family and friends. Lyndsi loved having everyone who could make it there and was really quite surprised at how many people showed up for her special day. 

By dinner time she was just lounging on the couch going through her new scriptures and looking at the other gifts she was given.  We asked her to come in for dinner, but she just wanted to stay on the couch and do what she was doing.  Looking at her, both Jeff and I realized she was still just letting it all soak in and was enjoying it. 

It was a wondeful day and thanks so much to all that came and missed those who couldn't make it!! 


Michelle said...

Lyndsi's baptism was really beautiful and she looked gorgeous too! So glad we were able to come. Sam said she is so excited to be baptized thatshe wants to do it when she is six...funny girl. I hope she keeps that enthusiasm and remembers this day when she watched her cousin's baptism. Really yummy food too...what a great celebration for Lyndsi.

Emily Youngdell said...

That is awesome that her and Haley were baptized on the same day. :) It sounded like everything went great!
I have to admit I had a good laugh at Sophie's face in the last picture. Was it just me or did she look upset? :)

Cami said...

I'm glad it was such a wonderful day!
She was so cute when I mentioned it to her this morning.
You say everyone was happy, but...Sophie? Those pictures are telling the truth! :)

Kelly said...

What a special day and a special girl! :)

kirsten said...

isn't that awesome? I loved when my girl was baptized. and now we'll have another one in december- can't wait! they are so special.

love lyndsi's jacket/sash - way cute!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lyndsi! You look so pretty in your dress.

I'm glad you guys had a good day. Angie (I'm assuming you made the dress) you did a great job.

We miss you guys! Bryant told us he wants his own cell phone so he can call McKay. :)