Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Few New Things

A couple of weeks ago Jeff went downstairs to do some laundry.  (Lucky me!)  Later we could hear the washer thumping all over the house.......loudly.  It was broken. Sniff.  Not such a good thing for a family of 5.  But, lucky for me, Jeff decided to spring for a new washer and a new dryer.  We've had old refurbished ones since we got married. I'm pretty confident that we got the 2 washers and 3 dryers we've owned for about the same price as our new one.  :)  Our washing machine came last week and it's hooked up and running now.  I {heart} this thing! the dryer comes this week.  Can't wait to try them together!

We also decided to move Lyndsi downstairs in her own room.  I told her that on a certain Saturday we'd move her down.  As that day approached, I started getting really nervous.  Not because I thought it would be too scary for her, but because I thought I'd worry too much about it.  Jeff and I talked and decided to go ahead with it.  That Saturday involved a lot of work!  We had to relocate the food storage and divide up all the toys in the extra room along with all the shelving.  The girls' room had to be taken apart and move all of Lyndsi's stuff downstairs.  There were two girls' rooms now to put back together, clean and organize.  Don't worry. McKay didn't get left out of all the fun.  There was a piece of furniture destined to be put in his room which required somewhat extensive rearraging and organizing in there as well. I couldn't have done all of this without the help of my awesome and amazing parents.  (And Jeff too when he got home from work.) It's been just over a week now and the general consensus around here is: we all love the new arragements!  Everyone's rooms are staying cleaner and we're all getting along so much better.  Lyndsi in particular is reall enjoying her new, private space.  She is a better sister now and generally much happier.

The last thing was SUCH a big deal to both McKay and Sophie.  They have both been saving their money to buy their own ZhuZhu pets.  The same day we got our washer, I took them to pick out their new pets.  I thought this would be a passing fancy, but those little guys go everywhere with us.  They are played with all day long and the 2 new ones plus Lyndsi's that she got for her birthday all seem to be pretty good friends.  :)


Cami said...

Just be glad that no one in your family has hair long enough to get eaten by the Zhuzhu pets.
Ella's gone throught it three times.

Cami said...

And I can't wait to see the changes to your house!

Kelly said...

Spring is such a wonderful time to organize and rearrange! I have all 3 of my kids in one room right now. I like it because there is only one room to clean, but I can't wait to get some more space!

Tams Family said...

It's always a pain when something big like that breaks, but it sure is fun to get a new one. Glad everything is working out with the new room arrangements!