Tuesday, December 22, 2009

For Patient People Only

This is my favorite Jell-O salad/dessert/whatever Jell-O is.
(Click here for the recipe if you're patient enough to make it. :) )

Sadly, I only make it about twice a year. It's not hard, but SO time consuming. Then the layers get frustrating when the previous layers break into the new layer creating all kinds of swirls not intended to be there. It also takes for-EV-er to make. If you make it for a party, make the day before (especially on a fun day like Christmas or the 4th of July). Trust me. You'll be so much happier.

Redeeming qualities- You can't see the messed up layers from the side and the top is covered in cool whip. It's delicious. And even better-I'm going to eat some tonight!

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Cami said...

Are you serious?
You love me.