Friday, December 11, 2009

Decking the Halls part 1

Monday night for our FHE activity we had the kids decorate the Christmas tree. I need to go move a few things still, but overall I think they did a pretty good job. Jeff got the manly job of putting the star on top.
For a surprise treat, we ate our first neighbor gift, white chocolate covered pretzels-delivered just as we were getting ready to decorate. Perfect timing!

I decorated my Christmas tree without the kids help (much to their dismay) and got the living room all festive. I was so happy with it when I finished I nearly cried. Pictures coming soon.

The only thing left needing some Christmas cheer is my kitchen. I'm hoping to do that in the form of homemade caramels and other seasonal candies and baked goods. :)


Cami said...

Cute stuff!

JM Phocion said...

What a fine skill to place that star. He moves with such grace and poise.

Angie said...

You should see him dance!

JM Phocion said...

Bring on the Disco. I could pull out my Pure Funk CD.