Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Best. Gifts. Ever.

Photoshop Elements.

And Travis.

Jeff gave me Photoshop for my birthday. Wahoo!! I'm so excited to learn all about it and do amazing things with it.

Cami and I have birthdays at opposite ends of the same month. Our gift to each other-a girls' night out to see Travis at the Depot downtown. SUCH a good concert!! They were amazing on stage. Their lyrics are full of all kinds of wonderful meanings. The venue was small and quite personable which I love. Here's a little tastes of what we heard last night:

and some more if you liked the above:

(I could only find the video. All I can say is they're British band.)


Cami said...

It'll be fun to play with version 7.
The concert was so awesome!
I like that photo you found.
All I wanna do is ROCK!

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

You will love photoshop! I have enjoyed digitally crafting! And my sister meleen went to that concert! I'm glad you had fun! Happy belated birthday!!!! Can you believe we are as old as we are now? =)

Karamie Maynes said...

Sounds like fun!!! Glad you had a good Birthday and went to a fun Concert! You'll have to teach me what you learn in photoshop, I only know a little!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! 29 is THE year! Every (older) woman wants to be 29 again, don't they? Let's stay 29 for another 10 years; how does that sound?

nateandcj said...

Hope you had an awesome birthday!! Sounds like you did!! Happy Belated Birthday!

Tams Family said...

Happy belated birthday Angie! Glad you had fun. Looks like you will be spending lots of time on the computer. Happy photoshopping!