Friday, April 3, 2009


If I had another baby, I would want to have these kind of baby pics:

This one is my favorite. (It totally makes me think of THIS.)

To see more of these squishies, click HERE.

(Photos-Tracy Raver)

(sorry to disappoint but this is not an announcements-just pictures I stumbled upon of cute, squishy babies)


marlene said...

Well, are going to have another or not?

Karamie Maynes said...

SO.....are you announcing something???:) I love these adorable pictures, especially the twins-wow I wish I had some like this of Tes-how cute!!!

Eric and Hannah said...

Those are adorable!!!!

Sally said...

Happy birthday to McKay! We miss you, buddy!

April said...

happy birthday to Mckay. I am with marlene though are you going to have another one if you are you should definitely do some pictures like these ones they are way cute!:)