Monday, August 11, 2008

Good day ahead

Do you ever just wake up knowing it's going to be a great day? I felt that way and so far it's been good. The kids got up and got ready quickly. Lyndsi practiced her violin before school. My house still needs to be picked up/cleaned, but not in that overwhelming, frustrating way. We walked outside to put Sophie in the stroller and it was actually a little cool out there. Not that I'm wishing for winter or anything, but the heat is getting a to be a little tiring. (August was the worst month for me when I lived in St. George. I swear it refused to cool off even a little the way it should. :)) What's been going well for you today?


Jamie said...

I woke up next to my husband! Yeah! Maxine starts school tomorrow and I can't wait! Have a great day!

Cami said...

You know, today has been going well.
I'm trying new things and trying to come to the Lord more. I hope that I can make some good, small habits and gain some good progression.
I have been very world-weary, lately and kinda straddling a fence with my goals and desires. I'm trying to change that.
I feel like I've taken a load off in the past 35 hours or so.

Chad and Kristen said...

okay this one, I think is funny. It's for the Twilight shirt contest....

"Please feed me, My mom is reading Twilight again"

It's a childs shirt....too funny! but oh so true!