Sunday, August 3, 2008

Date Night!

Last Sunday my friend Jen came up to me and announced her husband had the next few days off of work and we should go out. (We've been wanting to but you know how summer goes...) So we decided to take off to the Mayan on a Monday night! It was great. I didn't realize how human I felt going out on a school night with other grown-ups for pure fun. We had great seats for the cliff diving and despite the rumors I'd heard about the food not being so great, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. Afterwards, (with some previous planning) we took our hubbies to the Jordan River and treated them to candle light dessert and drinks. The only thing that went wrong was ending up with 7 batteries and nothing to put them. So, our great plan of having some good background music was flattened. We had fun anyway. :) It's nice to do something a little romantic once.
Not sure where Jeff is looking, but I still like the picture. :)
These are friends, Mike and Jen:


Jamie said...

Very fun! Looks like you guys had a great time! Lyndsi looks so old! Maxine starts school on the 12th and she's soooo excited she can barely sit still. I wish she was going a full day but I'll take the half day without any complaints. It's better than nothing!

Cami said...

Aw, sweet!