Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 3

Current word count: 5,547

This is hard.  And fun. I am loving it.  Maybe next week I'll hate it.  Right now it's awesome.  My writing, however, is not. I shake my head at my writing even as I type it.  It helps to tell myself that this is one really long and superbly detailed outline.  I wish I knew a little more about about both character and plot development.  Another part of me says being an avid reader for my whole life is the best experience I can start with.  I know what I like and what drives me insane.  (Gables series?  Not you, Anne with an e.)  I may have to give up reading book reviews for awhile.  I"m already taking them personally and they're not even about anything I've written.

I casually mentioned to McKay something about writing my book.  His eyes got so big and as excitedly ask, "You're going to be published?!"  I think I'll be happy to have him on my team when rejection letters start rolling in. :)  Jeff has been pretty awesome, too.  OK.  Really awesome and very understanding when I break tradition of watching our shows together so I can go write.  Or not pestering me about getting to bed earlier because he knows I need to write.

Honestly, I've had a really great showing of support.  I expected a little more "You're crazy!"  Instead I've gotten a of , "That's so cool!"  "I want to read it!"  I love it.  But.  No one will be reading it for a long, long time. One day.  I promise.  Even if I have to give it to you on a USB. ha ha.

In three days, I've noticed one side effect that I hadn't anticipated.  Focus.  Not on my writing.  I am focused on it when I'm on the laptop. Focus in every other aspect of my life.  I now have a purpose that is solely for me (even though I'm still doing it for my kids/family).  Things that felt overwhelming before are now simple and I have a clarity of mind that wasn't there before.  If this is what writing does for me, I will write forever no matter how appalling my writing might be at times.

I'm glad tomorrow is Sunday.  I'm hoping to rest my creative brain.  I may sift through my characters and pick their imaginary brains for all the details I can gather.  Maybe write a much shorter outline.


Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

I have a feeling you will do just fine! If you need another reader..I am always there! :) Also, I found a website by an author and she writes a blog about things about how to write a book, like character and plot development and such. It can be found here

Emily Youngdell said...

That's exciting! Good luck, Angie. :)

Angie said...

Thank's Emily for the website recommendation. I'll check it out. I was just thinking I need to do a little research on actual writing.


Karamie said...

Wow, that's amazing and so exciting! Good Luck:) And have fun!

Melissa said...

I had to laugh. I love, love, love the Anne of Green Gables series! In fact I should re-read them. I also love fairy tales. Keep up the good work!!
And speaking of fairy tales have you watched "Once Upon a Time" I am late starting it but it is fun. :)