Friday, May 18, 2012

Sharing What's Working For Us

I'm constantly looking for ways to make working easier, more fun, more interesting, etc for my kids.  And while I'm at it can we throw in something where they seem more willing and actually do a decent job and maybe perhaps see some consistent cleanliness is certain areas?  I hate to sound like an infomercial testimonial, but I found something that works!!

The funny thing is it's so simple it's almost dumb.  I can't even take credit for the idea.  Some wise grandmother suggested it to me about 2 months ago and I cannot believe how it's changed my life at home.

Here it is:

See?  Simplicity.  Each kid has responsibility for his/her room and one other area in the house (which rotates on a weekly basis).  If they do the job, they get a plus.  If they don't do it (or have a bad attitude, are sloppy, etc), they get a minus.  If they practice the piano for the allotted amount of time, they get a "B" for bonus.  They can earn a certain amount each week based on their age. For every minus, I get to deduct 25 cents.

So far it's had a lot of benefits.  The kids are helping more.  They're happier (at least I think so).  I'm happier.  They're learning about saving, paying tithing and spending.  Things aren't perfect, but they're consistent.  (And consistently clean)


Emily Youngdell said...

I need to try this! I haven't found anything that really works for us yet.

Cami said...

Thanks for posting this.
You'll probably have to do a follow up post to answer questions. :)

Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing. :)