Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Midnight in Austenland

Or, rather, an afternoon at the Kings English Bookshop.  A very lovely afternoon spent with my good friend, Heidi:

Listening to a hilarious (albeit freezing) Shannon Hale

tell about her new book, Midnight in Austenland, share stories about the making of Austenland the movie, answering questions, introducing the players in her murder mystery game and generally having a good time.

Thankfully, we were there early and got good tickets for the signing line.

And after signing we had delicious raspberry lime infused water.  Too bad the cookies were already gone.  Sigh.  On to solving the murder mystery and chatting it up in a back corner.

What? What was that?  I won?  I won!!

Meet Ricky Whittle, aka Captain George East of Austenland fame.  Mine for all of 2012 and beyond. ;)

It was so much fun and totally worth the time.  Thanks Heidi for a fantastic memory!!


kirsten said...

so fun! tessa and i have been to two of her book signings (and have never had to take a number - guess they're getting bigger?). she is SO funny and cool.
And I heard her mention that calendar on her blog - can't believe you won it! ha!
(and started midnight in austenland last night)

cosmos cami said...

Love those cute photos!
Did you see that Ms. Meyer posted?