Friday, September 9, 2011

Sophie Turned 5

I love family birthdays.  It's low key, low stress for me.  Sophie really wanted a party, though.  I opted for a family party where we played games/did crafts like a regular party.  (Isn't compromise great?)  I made simple little invites and taped them to all the bedroom doors. 

This year it was all about the princesses.  We played fairy tale sculptorades which all the kids loved and made our own lip gloss.  Sophie wanted a pink princess cake, so (thank you Tiff!) she got one. 
Sophie and her magic pumpkin

The cake

Sophie got some new clothes (including a couple of shirts that had matching shirts for both her favorite dolls), a new Blythe doll, some books, the Play-doh ice cream maker, a Belle princess dress-up, and a cardboard castle she can color herself.  She was thrilled!


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Sophie! I can't believe she turned 5, she is growing up too fast. :)

Sally said...

Happy birthday, Sophie! Wow, you are big. You look gorgeous in your princess gown.

Melissa said...

Yay!! Happy Birthday Sophie! Sounds like a fun party!