Friday, February 25, 2011

Flowers in the Window

Driving home tonight I was listening to a favorite song thinking how fun it would be to learn to play it really well on the guitar.  And then how fun it would be in the next life to have an endless supply of time to learn to play the guitar really well and who I would want to teach me.  And then learn all the other things I want to learn.  Then I had a sad thought.  What if I couldn't learn?  What if I weren't able to progress?  It made me cry.  I realized how much I love to learn and how much I yearn to end up where I can continue to progress and grow and enjoy what I do (and will do).  It was a very humbling little moment.

You can find this beautiful photograph here

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Cami said...

Humbling but positive right?
This nice thing will be that the mind we can put anything to will be infinitely more capable.