Thursday, January 7, 2010

Scrapbooking Randomness

I hate scrapbooking with yellow paper and straight-from-the-8-pk-crayon-box violet paper. (Not together. Either on it's own)  It just doesn't look good and I have such a hard time adding cute embellishments.  Not that I'm very great at that part either, but when it comes to yellow and purple-it is near impossible for me.  I'm not so happy with my layout right now and will not be posting a picture of it at this time.  Will someone please come finish my layout for me?

On the upside-this page layout has a title and journaling something most of my pages are missing.


Jennie said...

ditto. I'm taking a cue from Allie Edwards and using ONLY neutrals for my backgrounds. Who has time to deal with yellow and purple?

JM Phocion said...

Yes it is tough, I used to wear yellow shirts, but they just didn't go well with my purple pants.

Anisa said...

weird color combo, but I'll do it!!!

Angie said...

Oh-I didn't use them together. Just two colors I'm not fond of using, especially the yellow.

Jennie-I may have to try just neutral backgrounds.