Sunday, August 16, 2009

3 Weeks Later

I'm finally getting around to posting first-day-of school stuff. With year-round school, this doesn't feel like such a huge deal, but it is to the kids.

Lyndsi is in 2nd grade and loving life and her new teacher. She was a bit nervous at first. She really liked her teacher last year. So far, so good, though. I'm loving that this teacher doesn't do a lot of paper work in class or at home. Reading is the main homework and soon I think there will be some sort of spelling homework. The best part? Wearing the same outfit to school as her bff. Totally planned and they looked so cute.

McKay started Kindergarten. Despite being a little nervous, he took to school like fish to water. I think it helped knowing his Grandpa Maynes taught Seminary to his new K teacher. (Definitely helped mom!) He had been worried for the last several months about how to make new friends. He has since informed me that it's quite easy to do. "You just say hi and then play together. "

Two kids in school, and I still haven't cried sending them off. They're just way to happy being there for me to cry. Besides, I still have Sophie at home. :)


Anonymous said...

How exciting that Lyndsi and McKay are enjoying school!! Bryant loves it too. Enjoy your time with Sophie - she'll be in school before you know it. :)

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

Ah, Sophie looks so sad in that picture! Sariah is the only one in school so far, Luke starts preschool tomorrow twice a week, and he still can't go to school for another two years! I should tell sariah Mckay's advice to making friends!

Cami said...

Such a sad little Sophie photo!
McKay looks like his usual handsome self and Lyndsi looks grown-up.

Kristen Spencer said...

How cute!!! Time goes by way to fast and I have yet to find the pause button to hold on to this stay at home with mommy time!!!

Erika said...

They are so cute Angie! It's been forever! I somehow stumbled across your blog through someone else's blog :) Who is McKay's teacher? I wonder if I knew them... Let's keep in touch, I just started on facebook, do you facebook?